When a child left without parental care has to undergo a surgery or a lengthy treatment in the hospital, there is no one to help, to provide comfort and reassurance, to feed small babies. While other children benefit from their mothers being admitted to the hospital with them, these little children are alone. When they spend much time without sufficient attention of adults, they often stop communicating with other people, lose their acquired skills, do not progress in their development, and may suffer from worsening emotional state which results in fears and nightmares.

Russia-BratskWe supported Charitable Organisation “Volunteers Help Orphans” that provides nannies that take care of children left without parental care in hospitals in the cities of Bratsk and Balashikha in Russia. These nannies give support and attention to a group of abandoned children. Children who receive such personal care are more likely to have minimal negative consequences of staying in the hospital. Such care can even help a child to progress in the development.

Our support

Help Impact provided funds to pay for nannies who supervise little patients left without parental guardianship. Nannies provide emotional support and communication, give a feeling of stability and predictability thanks to permanently staying with a child, explain children what is happening in the hospital and so decrease their anxiety, play with children and help them to learn, promote their development, take care of them. As nannies spend a lot of time with children, they can also notice changes in medical conditions quicker and promptly inform medical staff.

Please read the stories of Elena from Bratsk and Elena from Balashikha who work as hospital nannies for children without parental care in Russia.