We work on projects to relieve sickness, preserve health and relieve financial hardship of children and young people under the age of 25 years. Our projects aim to improve the quality of their lives, to help them feel needed and confident and so to create better future. We search for projects that have measurable objectives and deliverables, low administrative costs and clearly defined time schedules. We try to choose projects currently under-served by large charities and NGOs.

We work with organisations around the world that have necessary skills and expertise to efficiently deliver a project maximising its value to beneficiaries while minimising its costs. Our trustees invest a lot of time in due diligence to ensure the funds reach those in true need of it.

Ongoing Projects

Guatemala Featured 1Medication for Children in Guatemala

We provided funds to buy medication for kids and young people under 25 years in Momostenango, the rural area of Guatemala. Simple low cost treatments purchased using Help Impact’s funds save lives and increase life quality for many children there.

Past Projects

AssistTechFeatured1Assistive Technologies for Disabled Children

Help Impact awarded a grant to help children with disabilities to start communicating better with the world around them and to more clearly express their needs.

GraduatesSupporting Orphanage Leavers

We provided funds to prepare orphanage-leavers practically and emotionally for their new independent life outside of the state care. This project provides psychological support and social and life skills training including group and individual counseling, individual home visits and group outings.

DeafClubProjectClub for Children with Impaired Hearing and Their Families

We supported the work of a club for children with impaired hearing. This club organises training sessions to help these children to communicate efficiently. The support includes speech, play and music therapy, and consultations with audiologists.

Russia 3 FeaturedHospital Nannies for Children without Parental Guardianship

We awarded a grant to pay for nannies for children without parental guardianship in hospitals of Bratsk and Balashikha, Russia.

russia 2 featured 1Rehabilitation for Adopted Children with Musculoskeletal Disorders

Help Impact supported adopted children with musculoskeletal disorders in Russia. We paid for rehabilitation courses helping children to improve vital motor skills, become more independent and so have a better social life.

UM2Psychological Support for Victims of Intimate Partner Violence

We provided funds for a project to deliver psychological help to young women and children who have experienced intimate partner violence.

Russia Featured 2Nannies for Orphan Children in Russia

Help Impact provided funds to hire nannies that take care of orphans under the age of four years in the hospitals of the city of Krasnoyarsk. Under the nannies’ supervision, children recover quicker and make material improvements in their development.