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UM4Ksenia Meshkova is a researcher who specialises in domestic and gender based violence. She is an author of various publications in this area, most notably ”Raising Awareness of Domestic Violence. The Case of Modern Russia” (2011) and ”Dealing with workplace sexual harassment. Strategies and intervention measures” (in German, 2019). Ksenia is currently working on the project that develops e-learning in the sphere of domestic violence for practitioners, supported by the German Federal Ministry of Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth. She resides in Berlin, Germany.

Domestic violence is a pressing problem in Russia. Russia is one of the few countries that still does not have a law against domestic violence, and very few measures of protecting its victims and punishing the perpetrators. Though the official statistic is not being collected, it is reported that the number of women killed in Russia every year is up to 12,000- 14,000. The number of children killed in the families as a result of domestic violence is around 1,500-1,700 per year. Victims of domestic violence are not only at risk of losing their lives, but also face consequences for their health and emotional well-being.

The existence of independent, non-governmental organisations is crucial in dealing with social problems, because of the perspective they provide and methods they use in their work.

The project of the NGO “Ulica Mira” is aimed at providing psychological help to women with children, young girls as well as teenagers and children affected by intimate partner violence. The NGO is experienced in working with children affected by intimate partner violence and giving them support and an option of a better life free of violence, and is therefore well prepared to conduct the current project.

In my opinion, this relatively short project can make a real difference in the lives of its beneficiaries. Providing psychological help, individual and group counseling to the women can give them the necessary tools needed to escape the violent partners, and give the support they need in order to provide for themselves and their children. Moreover, project participants will spend quite a lot time together in the duration of the project, getting to know others living in the similar situation as themselves. This will not only show them that they are not alone with facing abuse, but also build connections those affected by domestic violence are often lacking. I wholeheartedly support the project of the NGO “Ulica Mira” and wish its organisers and participants the best of luck.