Help Impact supported the work of Health & Help that provides medical care and health education in the mountains of Guatemala. Health & Help runs a non-profit clinic in the rural area where the access to medical aid is very limited. It is the only free of charge medical centre within a 3-4 hour walking distance.


Help Impact provided funds to purchase medications and medical supplies for children and young people under 25 years old suffering from the following.

  • Parasitic deceases – Quite often children cannot sleep because of itchiness all over their bodies, have persistent stomach pain and lice in their hair. These are the symptoms of very common parasitic deceases. The good news is that in most cases such parasitic deceases can be treated by only several pills within three days. After such a simple treatment children sleep better, digest food better and quite obviously but very importantly of course – stop experiencing persistent pain.
  • Skin, eyes, lungs and intestinal infections – Children suffer from these infections all the time. This is primarily due to poor life conditions and very poor hygiene standards. Most of homes do not have a shower and a lot of homes do not have a floor or a toilet. The treatment for such infections is relatively straightforward. One course of antibiotics can treat a lot of these infections.
  • Growth delay, anemia and lack of concentration – As children do not eat enough and do not receive enough vitamins, they experience growth delays, cannot concentrate and often fall asleep at school. They do not have enough haemoglobin which helps to carry oxygen throughout the body. From Health & Help children receive a course of vitamins and iron, and get their haemoglobin level checked. As a result, children’s physical and mental development significantly improves.

It is simple and quite cheap to solve a lot of children’s health issues. For example

  • A cost of your £5-6 lunch may buy an anti-infectious antibiotics course and so be lifesaving.
  • £8 can pay for a malnourished child treatment program (3-10 years old).
  • £20 can pay for a malnourished child treatment program (0-2 years old).

This project started in August 2018. There are no overhead costs. Health & Help’s doctors are volunteers and also there are no other costs of running this project thanks to economies of scale. So all funds received from Help Impact are used to buy medications and medical supplies.

Please read about the impact of this project on the lives of children who received medications and medical supplies purchased using Help Impact’s grant.