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Luis1Luis, 5 years old

Luis’ mother talking:

I did not know why he was eating earth. He was just eating earth all the time from his childhood, from the time he started walking. He went to the area where the corn was growing and ate earth. My Nun (respectful reference to an elderly woman in Quiche, Guatemala – our remark) said that an evil spirit had gotten into him. We took him to Temazcal (local sweat lodge – our remark) to get rid of this evil spirit. However the boy continued to eat earth.

Then I decided to bring him to the Health&Help clinic where there are doctors. They did tests and said that my boy does not have enough blood and that’s why he eats earth. We were given a lot of different medicines. I bless those who sent medicines and money to evict the evil spirit from my boy.

Maria1Maria, 7 years old

Maria is included in the programme to help children suffering from hunger.

Maria says:

My stomach hurt. My belly swelled like a drum. Do you have a drum in your country? It swelled like this (she shows)! It was painful to tighten the belt on my Corte (local skirt – our remark). My mum took me to the clinic. They said that we were lucky and there was medication and I was included in the programme (programme to help children suffering from hunger – our remark) and also they pricked my finger here and it was very painful (she shows)! And they took a pound of blood! I did not cry and they gave me a toy and tasty vitamins. I feel well now but I will not allow to prick my finger again.

Leonel1Leonel, 10 years old

Leonel says:

My parents brought me to the clinic at night. We thought I would not be admitted as everyone sleeps at night. It takes three hours to get from my village to the hospital. However I could not wait. I was waiting for the whole day, I work in the forest, I cut trees for firewood. It is very cold here in the mountains and I do not know how it happened that I got a cold. Firstly I had sore throat, then all my neck hurt and then my ear hurt so badly that I thought I would go mad. So I rang their bell. It is written here on their clinic’s door “Emergency”. Two ladies came out, asked what happened, examined me and said that I had fever and ear infection. They did an injection and gave me some medicines and gave me drops. I felt better right away. In a few hours I felt completely fine. I wanted to stop taking medicines but they said that I could not stop and I decided not to disappoint them. I recovered and brought them an avocado.

Margarita1Margarita, 6 years old

Margarita says:

This is not my first time in the clinic. I know all the doctors. I like it here. There are tests here and pills. So this time it started stinging there, you understand, when I go to the toilet. I came to the clinic and told everything. I do not know why but they ask everything every time, they examine everything and measure temperature. So I came to the clinic. Pills that they give me here always help. That thing that Curandero (traditional native healer, shaman – our remark) gives sometimes helps and sometimes does not help. But that thing from the clinic always helps.