It is scary and painful for a little child to stay in the hospital alone, so her mum is normally admitted with her. However the situation is very different for an orphan. There is no one to help with feeding, to comfort and reassure her. How would a little patient feel if she needs to undergo a surgery or a lengthy often scary treatment and there is no one around to support? Orphans have to stay in the hospital alone for days, weeks and sometimes months. They may lie in bed for days and watch other mothers taking care of their children.

RussiaProject1We supported Charitable Foundation Help Needed  that works with Charitable Foundation Happy Children in Russia. The foundation hires dedicated nannies that take care of orphans under the age of four in hospitals in the city of Krasnoyarsk, Siberia. Nannies give children care, affection and attention that is as important for children as their medical treatment.

Under the nannies’ supervision, little patients feel better and recover quicker. They also make material improvements in their development when a trusted and attentive individual is there for them.

Our support

From August until December 2018 Help Impact provided funds to pay for nannies and a project supervisor.

Nannies take care of orphans and children from 0 to 4 years old without parents’ guardianship who are admitted to hospitals in the city of Krasnoyarsk. Nannies collaborate with medical staff, take children to treatments, clean hospital wards, record children’s developmental progress. These nannies regularly attend educational workshops to develop their skills and of course they love children.

The project supervisor selects and hires nannies, organizes educational workshops twice a month, daily supervises nannies’ work in hospitals, resolves non-routine issues and organisational matters in relation to a nanny’s and child’s stay in the hospital, supplies food and hygiene products, issues reports.


Photos by Anton Petrov for TD

Please read the story of Lada who is one of the hospital nannies for orphans in Krasnoyarsk.