We are excited to let you know that we decided to continue our collaboration with Health & Help and provided one more grant for our project with them. For those of you who just started following our charity, Health & Help runs a non-profit clinic in the rural area of Guatemala where the access to medical aid is very limited. It is the only free of charge medical centre within a 3-4 hour walking distance. We provided funds to buy medications for kids and young people under 25 years old. There are no overhead costs, and so all funds received from Help Impact are used to buy medications and medical supplies.

Since the start of this project in August 2018, Health & Help treated more than 1400 patients using medications funded by Help Impact. We are very happy with the impact of this project where simple low cost treatments help to deal with malnutrition, parasitic deceases and infections, and so very significantly increase the quality of children and young people’s lives.