Supporting orphanage leavers

Help Impact awarded a grant to the UK-based charity St Gregory’s Foundation on a project to prepare orphanage-leavers practically and emotionally for their new independent life. St Gregory’s Foundation works with Sunflower Centre in St Petersburg which performs this programme. The project is implemented by psychologists with the help of volunteers who also grew up in orphanages. It is scheduled to run from September 2020 until May 2021.

Please read more about this project here.

Psychological Support for Victims of Intimate Partner Violence Project in cooperation with The BEARR Trust

We awarded a grant to the Russian Charitable Organisation for Aid to Children and Youth “Ulica Mira” for its project to deliver psychological help to young women and children who have experienced intimate partner violence. This work is essential to help the victims to deal with abuse, restore their mental health and reduce the risk of future abuse. Children learn how to deal with trauma and get back to normal life. The project is running from September 2019 and it will continue into early 2020.

Help Impact co-funded this project with a UK charity The BEARR Trust. BEARR concentrates on health and social welfare issues, especially the care of vulnerable groups. We are very excited to partner with BEARR on our first joint funding of a project with another charity.

Please read more about the project.

We launched our new project “Hospital nannies for children without parental guardianship”

We are very excited to let you know that we started our new project with Charitable Organisation “Volunteers Help Orphans” ! We are supporting children without parental guardianship admitted to hospitals in the cities of Bratsk and Balashikha, Russia. Help Impact provided funds to pay for nannies who supervise little patients left without parental guardianship from September 2019. Please read more about this project.

Help Impact continues to work with Volunteers Help Orphans

We are very happy to inform you that Help Impact continued its project with Charitable Organisation “Volunteers Help Orphans” in Russia and provided one more grant to them. As before, the funds will pay for rehabilitation courses of adopted children with disabilities. These rehabilitation courses will contribute to the improvement of the children’s self-support skills so that children can cover their basic needs including feeding, dressing and doing personal hygiene without external help. Other children will start learning to walk between classrooms in school, to use staircases where there is no access ramps, and to use public transport without support of their parents.

During the first stage of the project which ran from December 2018 until May 2019, Help Impact funded 148 rehabilitation sessions for seven adopted children with disabilities. We look forward to continuing our work with Volunteers Help Orphans and of course will keep you updated.

We continued our collaboration with Health & Help

We are excited to let you know that we decided to continue our collaboration with Health & Help and provided one more grant for our project with them. For those of you who just started following our charity, Health & Help runs a non-profit clinic in the rural area of Guatemala where the access to medical aid is very limited. It is the only free of charge medical centre within a 3-4 hour walking distance. We provided funds to buy medications for kids and young people under 25 years old. There are no overhead costs, and so all funds received from Help Impact are used to buy medications and medical supplies.

Since the start of this project in August 2018, Health & Help treated more than 1400 patients using medications funded by Help Impact. We are very happy with the impact of this project where simple low cost treatments help to deal with malnutrition, parasitic deceases and infections, and so very significantly increase the quality of children and young people’s lives.

We started a new project in Russia

We are excited to let you know that we started our third project! We are supporting adopted children with musculoskeletal disorders in Russia. We pay for rehabilitation courses helping children to improve vital motor skills, become more independent and so have a better social life.

We see this project as collaboration between charities and parents of adopted children. The availability of projects supporting families with disabled children makes potential parents more confident that they will be able to meet the child’s needs and so increases the likelihood of potential adoptions.